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Rats have very well established patterns that lead them into your home or workplace during winter months seeking food and warmth.

These 7 steps might not remove the risk completely but it is likely to help you to prevent the problem. Most of these steps would also help to keep rodents out during summer months.

Step 1: Prevent access to garbage

Garbage or trash is easy food for rodents so prevent access to any sources thereof. Ensure that your trash can inside your home as well as your larger municipal trash is always properly closed.

Step 2: Remove clutter in your property

Rats will be looking for places to make a nest. Prevent the likelihood of this happening on your property by removing any debris or clutter. Dense gardens can also be used by rodents to nestle in for the winter, so if you can prevent overgrown garden beds.

Step 3: Limit access into your buildings

Rodents are sneaky and incredibly flexible. Their access into an area is only limited to the size of their skulls. The size of an adult rat skull is approximately 2.4 – 2.5 cm and for field mouse is 1.7 – 1.8 cm. Keep that in mind with leaving any cracks or crevices unattended. But we also know that a home needs fresh air, so where possible use aluminium window and door screens to allow airflow into your home.

Step 4: Keep your food sealed

An open container of food or food products is a major attraction for rodents trying to get into your property. Ensure that all your food is sealed in containers to limit the risk of rodents smelling and wanting access into your building.

Step 5: Clean your property regularly

The first step into combatting a rodent problem is identifying the problem. If you clean your property regularly you will be able to spot rodent activity by droppings or damaged areas. Once you know you have a problem you can decide how to tackle it further. A clean property is also more difficult for rats to make a comfortable home in as you will be removing their hiding spaces and food sources.

Step 6: Collect and get rid of seasonal leaves

Trees that drop leaves during autumn and winter are not only a sight for sore eyes but it gives great coverages to rodents trying to invade your space. Gather and remove the leaves on the ground surface frequently to remove the risk of rats finding cover underneath the leaves during winter months.

And finally don’t feel like you’ve failed if you still find the telltale mouse or rat droppings. Rodents are incredibly good at getting into spaces where they don’t belong. It is now time to call in the experts to tackle the problem with more extreme measures.

Give Flick a call if you still find droppings or rodent damage in your property. Our experts can advise what the best route of action will be to remove the rodent problem beyond the 6 steps mentioned above.