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If you are renting a new property or checking into a hotel or guest house you could be at risk of being exposed to bed bugs. As a new tenant or traveler, use these helpful tips to reduce the risk of being bitten by these blood thirsty bugs.

Initial Inspection

Upon your arrival, inspect the site for signs of bed bug infestation. Look out for any signs blood stains or small molted skins. Stains can be prevalent on mattresses or bedsheets.

Secondary Inspection

Inspect the bed including under the sheet, mattress, headboards and pillows for signs of their infestation. Use a small torch or your smart phone light for better inspection.

Thorough Inspection

Inspect the rest of the room or premises as bed bugs don’t just live in beds. Bed bugs are active at night and hide in crevices of furniture, base boards, head boards, electrical points and behind mirrors and picture frames.

Reduce Your Risk

If you are not certain that your room is safe, keep your luggage off of the floor during your stay on a luggage rack or something similar and away from the wall, bed or furniture to avoid bed bugs hitching a ride in your suitcase.

Settle In or Move Out

If you don’t find any signs of bed bug activity, relax and enjoy your stay. If you find signs of infestation, notify the facility immediately and remove your belongings, yourself and your family and find alternative accommodation

As a precaution, examine your bags and luggage for bed bugs before returning home. Bed bugs are the most notorious bugs for hitching a ride with human hosts and can breed very rapidly. Once at home- double check your luggage and the contents one last time.

Author: Stuart Steele

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