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We may be a little biased, as a pest control company, but unfortunately, the question of whether DIY pest control methods work keeps us in business.

We wouldn’t recommend most “Pinterest” style remedies that rely on an old wife’s tale or baking soda concoctions. We wouldn’t discount that a bit of baking soda can do a lot of things but unfortunately getting rid of a serious infestation is unlikely. The efficacy of these types of remedies is mostly ineffectual or may take so long to have any effect that the damage the pests can cause in the meanwhile far outweighs the cost of getting Flick in to help.

DIY Pest Control Solutions

Basic pest-proofing methods that really work:

There are however a few DIY preventative measures that will go a long way to limit the spread of pest infestations. These tips are both good housekeeping measures that will aid in the overarching property maintenance and have a great side effect that pests are less likely to invade. In addition, they are all mostly possible to do yourself and don’t require any expert call outs.

Remove hiding / nesting places for all pests

Get rid of any areas where there is moisture, heat, and a source of food and water nearby e.g., garden refuge or building debris.

Remove standing water

Most pests are thirsty critters and still standing water provides a waterhole for most insects and pests and perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. If you have bird fountains or other still standing water, try to rinse them out frequently.

Keep your garden tidy

Branches from overhanging trees can give rodents access into you house. Doing an annual clean up and trimming overgrown bushes, branches and shrubs can go a long way to keep pests at bay.

Keep your refuge areas clean

Although this seems obvious it is often one of the areas that one ignores and looks over, mostly as refuge areas are often a little out of sight (and therefore out of mind) it is easy to overlook any odours or

Block up any areas that give pests easy access into a building

Pest like rats don’t need more than a wide enough crack to make their way inside, they are prolific at eating their way into buildings once they decide your home or office, offers the perfect habitat. So be sure to block up and fill any cracks and crevices. A simple trick would be to walk around your property and take note of any areas where there is any damage or gaps and have those repaired first.

Clean up any food spills as they happen

This counts inside the house and for patio and braai areas. If something makes a spill, clean it up as soon as possible. The longer the food debris is on the floor or surfaces the more opportunity pests will have to discover it and come looking for more.

Keep food stored in airtight containers, cupboards, or the fridge

Certain pests can smell food from quite far away and any food standing around is like an open invitation for them to come for dinner and then never leave.

If these pest prevention methods fail, and you find yourself in a property outnumbered by the rats, cockroaches, or ants it may be time to call us.

If you do suspect you have a problem and would like a professional assessment done, please contact us today for a no-obligation free quote, and assessment by one of our trained sales representatives.

Remember “One Flick and They’re Gone”

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