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Company History

Flick was founded in New South Wales, Australia in 1918. Flick South Africa was started in 1968 concentrating mainly in Pest Control and catering for the domestic, commercial and industrial markets. In 1984 Flick became a Company wholly South African owned.

The current owner Peter Winspear purchased Flick Johannesburg in January 1995

In August 2001 Flick Pest Control changed its name to Flick Environmental Services (Pty) Ltd and incorporated with Pest Master* and Bambanani (Pty) Ltd. Bambanani is a BEE Company separate to Flick Environmental Services (Pty) Ltd and has a hygiene and pest control division. We believe that clients should invest their expenditure on services with a company that is well established in the Country with a good track record and has good resources to attend to any queries or emergencies.

As of the 01st September 2023, we consolidated, bringing together our five existing companies under one unified entity called Flick Services Group (PTY) Ltd, which consists of Flick Environmental Services (PTY) Ltd, Bambanani Pest Control (PTY) Ltd, Pest Master Natal, Fumigation & Marine Services and Contractokil.

At Flick Services Group we take pride in our brand and customers. Two very important pillars help serve part of our foundation; Vision / Mission & Core values, which we strive towards every step of the way.


“To be totally committed to service excellence and customer satisfaction in all aspects of our business.”

“To ensure our customers are treated in accordance with their needs by motivated and well-trained staff.”

“To conduct our business with integrity and the highest sense of ethics.”

“To at all times respect and uphold the dignity of our clients and fellow staff members.”

Core Values

  • to at all times respect and uphold the dignity of people
  • to conduct business with the highest sense of ethics
  • to strive to achieve “service excellence” in our Business
Peter Winspear, CEO & Owner of Flick Environmental Services

CEO / Owner


Words From the Owner

My philosophy is that my door is always open to our customers, employees and suppliers.

I am there to ensure that you as our client are being treated with respect and with fairness in all aspects within my business. With FLICK providing a professional and quality service, I will ensure that our service and staff ethics are accurate, honest and consistent. Our employees are accountable in all areas of their expertise.

Since taking ownership of the company over 20 years ago, I have devoted my time to improving all aspects in how we deliver our services to our customers. Our employees go through extensive training, and our suppliers are selected for their quality and accountability. We always strive to provide the highest level of service across the board.

We believe that “Doing it right the first time” has, and will play a major role in the successful growth of our organisation and much time and effort is spent in formal and “in-house” training, to ensure that you, the Client, are given the service of the highest standard. For me, service is everything, and this is what I want you to experience.

My customers are more than merely accounts or revenue, they are my advertising, my daily performance reviews and most important I consider them friends.