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As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome the arrival of 2024, you might be enjoying a well-deserved holiday break with your family. The last thing you want to worry about is pests. Unfortunately, certain pests can become a nuisance and pose a health risk to both you and your home while you’re away.

Even during your holiday at your favorite destination, pests may be present, whether you’ve noticed them or not. What’s concerning is that pests don’t always stay confined to the resort. They might hitch a ride back home with you, turning your vacation into an unwanted souvenir of unwelcome pests.

To ensure a pest-free return, be vigilant upon reaching your holiday destination. It’s crucial to inspect your luggage and belongings before packing to head back home. This simple step can help prevent pests from hitchhiking and invading your home.

What pests should you look out for specifically?

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are aptly named for their tendency to inhabit areas associated with beds. To steer clear of these pesky biters, follow best practices by thoroughly inspecting your bedroom, including the linens, mattress, mattress seams, and the base of beds – their preferred nesting spots. Extend your scrutiny to couches and chairs frequently used by people to eliminate the possibility of bed bugs.

Despite the icky truth that these critters emerge at night to feed on blood, they don’t discriminate based on cleanliness. Bed bugs can thrive in various accommodations, from 5-star hotels and resorts to game lodges, B&Bs, and even transportation services like airplanes, buses, and trains. Stay vigilant during your travels, as these bugs can be inadvertently transported by people.

A mattress infested with bed bugs

If you discover an infestation, insist on relocating to another room or demand treatment for the affected areas. Remove your luggage, clothing, and family from the infested space until the issue is resolved.

Bed bugs are sneaky hitchhikers that can crawl into and hide in suitcases, luggage bags, clothing, purses, and more. Their small size and ability to remain still for extended periods make them difficult to notice, especially when not actively feeding. Upon returning home, these bugs emerge from their hiding places in luggage, creating a breeding ground and infestation in your living space.

Upon returning from your holiday, safeguard against potential bed bugs by placing all your travel items in a tumble dryer on high heat for around 30 minutes, effectively eliminating any lingering bugs.


Unlike smaller pests like bed bugs, cockroaches are more conspicuous and can inadvertently accompany you home in a manner similar to bed bugs – hitching a ride in your luggage and clothing. These resilient insects are drawn to warm, dark, and moist environments. Kitchens with poor housekeeping or cleaning can serve as ideal hiding spots, making it possible for them to stow away in your belongings, especially if you’ve packed items from these areas. Bathrooms, known for being dark and warm, are also common congregating and breeding spots for cockroaches.

Before departing from your holiday destination, inspect your bags and belongings to ensure no cockroaches have snuck in. Take the same precaution when you return home to prevent any from finding their way into your living space. Stay vigilant and keep these unwanted guests at bay by staying on top of your packing and unpacking routines.


Lice, minuscule parasitic insects that feed on human blood, can infiltrate people’s hair by hitching a ride from items like linen, pillows, and various clothing items such as hats, scarves, and jerseys.

When lice target their victims, they employ hook-like legs to latch onto different materials and fabrics before making their way to areas of the body where they can feed. Unlike cockroaches or bed bugs, lice travel directly on people, relying on a host for survival as they cannot exist without a blood source.

Keep a vigilant eye out for these tiny insects. If you suspect their presence, promptly have your hair inspected. If lice are identified, seek treatment from a pharmacist or medical practitioner. Concurrently, initiate a pest control application at your premises to ensure comprehensive eradication while undergoing lice treatment for your hair. Stay proactive in addressing both personal and environmental aspects to effectively manage and eliminate lice-related concerns.


Staying vigilant against the presence of pests is crucial, whether you’re returning from a holiday or managing your everyday surroundings. Bed bugs, cockroaches, and lice are unwelcome hitchhikers that can disrupt your peace of mind, but by adopting a few proactive measures, you can keep these pesky invaders at bay.

Inspecting your belongings before and after travel is a simple yet effective practice to prevent the inadvertent transportation of pests. Whether it’s the elusive bed bugs, resilient cockroaches, or tiny lice, being aware of their habits and preferred hiding spots empowers you to protect your home and personal space.

Remember, each pest requires a tailored approach for eradication. If you suspect an infestation, whether in your hair or your living space, seeking professional advice is crucial. If you do suspect you have a problem, and would like a professional assessment done, please feel free to contact us.

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