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Flick Environmental Services is proud to offer the following specialised hygiene services through our affiliate Healthspec, this includes:

  • Chemical deep cleaning
  • Hand drying dispensers
  • Sanitisers
  • Air fresheners
  • Soap dispensers
  • Sanibins
  • Toilet roll holders
  • Seat Sanitiser

Our Public Relations Department will handle all complaints and welcomes any  suggestions you may have to improve our service to you, the Customer.


Nowadays image and cleanliness is vital, not only in the home but also in industry, business, public service and the hospitality industry. We no longer have smelly and grubby toilets.

The cleaning and maintenance of toilets, bathrooms and washrooms require high standards of hygiene to be maintained. The maintenance of these standards may necessitate the cleaning of these areas several times a day, depending on the degree of soilage and usage.

HEALTHSPEC will service your toilets and washroom equipment to an exacting standard. HEALTHSPEC can provide you with equipment that is serviced on a monthly basis and Deep Cleaning done at regular intervals.


HEALTHSPEC’s professionally trained and uniformed technicians, equipped with specialised tools and chemicals report at your premises on a scheduled basis to provide deep cleaning service to:

  1. Remove all uric acid scale, mineral and organic build-up from the inside of toilet bowls, urinals and flush rims. To ensure that all the scale and deposits are removed an inspection mirror is used to check underneath flush rims and other hidden areas.
  2. Extensively soiled toilets – After treatment to remove scale, stains and odours, high pressure steam and special chemicals are used to clean all surfaces and appliances, including stud retaining bolts, toilet seats, hinged and flush tanks.
  3. Eradicate the source of unpleasant odours, which commonly exist in very busy or neglected toilets.
  4. All toilet surfaces are treated with a concentrated germicidal spray, which will completely eliminate all harmful bacteria.
  5. Clean and sanitise all wash hand basins. Remove lime scale from every tap and washroom fitting. Clean and sanitise basin overflow.
  6. Clean walls and floors around toilets, urinals and wash basins.