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As you are well aware by now the world is facing a pandemic with little historical precedence with the COVID-19 outbreak. As an essential service provider we are tasked with performing our pest control services at a high level while taking every precaution to prevent the spread of the virus.

This is what you can expect from a pest control service or ULV antimicrobial fogging service during lock down.

Pest Control Services during the COVID-19 lock down - What to expect

Not all normal pest control services can be completed

What this means is that Flick Pest Control can assist with pest control services to essential service delivery sites as declared and deemed essential services by Government and The Department of Trade and Industry that are allowed to trade during the lock down period.

We can further assist with Microbial ULV misting sanitization treatments to kill off an array of pathogens, bacteria, mould and viruses including the Covid 19 virus.

As a part of delivering emergency services during lock down our teams will require a letter from clients specifying that you meet this criteria – i.e. your business is a registered essential service.

These measures are required by government and will enable our teams to complete their pest control services or ULV antimicrobial fogging as safely as possible.

Expect to be screened

Our sales team are likely to enquire about the health of your team or family to ensure that they can take the correct precautionary measures.

Give our technician some breathing room

In other words, keep a minimum of 3m distance. When the technician arrives please do not make any sort of physical contact. Our technicians will do their utmost not to make any necessary contact with surfaces.

Expect our technicians to be wearing masks and gloves

Our technicians will be wearing masks and gloves and depending on the severity of the situation may be wearing additional protective gear such as PPE face masks and gloves.

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