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The Prolonged closure of restaurants and many retail stores through lockdown has forced rodents to seek food and shelter

Flick has seen a spike in the increase of rodent problems being reported in many homes and business, and with many businesses forced to close during the lockdown and when opened again, experienced rat and pest problems, however even more frightening are the businesses that have closed down permanently with the building standing closed are creating breeding sites for rats to find a source of shelter and in some cases a supply of food and water.

Flick can also confirm that when rats get hungry they become more territorial and can even resort and turn to cannibalism.

With the colder winter weather set in, results in a huge spike of rodent activity as mentioned above, and even larger rats are being spotted in various areas. With rodents been known to carry a wealth of diseases are even moving from city areas and are setting up colonies in the suburbs in search of food, shelter and water creating a major health risk.

The knock-on effect of the prolonged closure of businesses such as restaurants, coffee shops and other eateries, and even warehouses during the lockdown period, has resulted in less food available for rodents, resulting in them moving further out into residential areas.

Rats do travel by many ways including through drain systems, on street level, across roofs storm water systems, and sewer lines, with the latter two being the most common form of movement, in fact there have been reports in other parts of the world such as in the UK, where rats have been found to be using the sewer system to travel out the city into suburban areas, with a rat outbreak their being far greater than was seen in their industrial revolution period. In the USA, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had put out an advisory to citizens to be wary of rodents and their aggressive behaviour due to their lockdown.

The fact we need to face is that the greater the population of people there is, the more food there is for rodents to be attracted to feed on and breed easier, and in suburban areas, there are simply not enough natural predators or sometimes no predators at all to help control rodent populations or outbreaks, and this is where effective and safe rodent control services are required, such as what Flick can provide you with. If effective control is not maintained, rat populations will explode causing a major health crisis.

Visit our rodent page here to find out more info on rodents and be in contact with us for further assistance.

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