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Our approach to Pest Control services is firstly to provide a guarantee between services to the specified targeted pests and at the same time offer the safest and most effective service with safety to your customers and staff being our top priority.

All services are guaranteed between regular treatments, so if there is reinfestation between routine services, we will retreat the specific area/s within the store at no additional charge.

We do not recommend the use of fogging agents/ canisters as a routine way of pest control and controlling pests as it has quite a few disadvantages, which I will make mention further below.

We utilize only registered insecticides applied by our qualified and registered service Technicians whereby we would conduct an inspection, apply gel baits against cockroaches, and where any spray or flushing application is required against crawling insects, we utilize only pyrethrum based products that are safe and effective for a retail or commercial application.

We also place rodent baits down in key areas in the stores to control rodents, which foggers will not have any effect on rodents. These bait stations/ boxes are inspected and serviced with every routine service or follow up.

Our technicians are trained and have the know-how of where to look for pest infestations in terms of the site inspection, has the training and expertise in how to deal with an infestation on site, and with the service rendered, one has a guarantee between services whereas a fogging agent or an “off the shelf” type fogger will not offer you any guarantee, and any residual action will dissipate in a matter of hours.

We provide a technician that undertakes an inspection, identifies pest infestations, undertakes the service and lastly provide recommendations on possible follow up inspections, along with housekeeping, stacking, proofing etc

Without this integrated Pest management approach, one could end up using more and more foggers to achieve a pest free environment which may cost more in the end, and also not being a safe and environmentally conscious approach to tackling a pest infestation.

Why we do not recommend the use of foggers in a retail or commercial environment:

  • Provide no residual action and only works as a quick knock down.
  • They pose a safety risk for staff and customers as the products does leave a strong odour – (no person to be on site for at least 8 hours after releasing a fogger)
  • The areas of treatment needs to be effectively sealed off to ensure the fogger works (windows, doors etc closed)
  • A fogger is a risk in staining or damaging certain products such as leathers, suede materials, appliances, computer equipment. All products/ furniture need to be covered with plastic sheeting or similar material to avoid possible damage if it is released.
  • Safety concerns- One would need to ensure central air conditioners are switched off and ventilation points sealed off to prevent the fogging agent from going to other non-targeted areas or neighbouring stores within a retail Centre or offices in an office block.
  • Fogging applications will not control rodent infestations or prevent rodent entry.
Pest Control Application

In our experience, we have found it too often that people try off the shelf foggers and they end up paying sometimes more than double in the end, so do the right thing and get the job done effectively and done right the first time.

Remember “One Flick and They’re Gone” 

Flick Pest Control is here to provide a solution for any pest query you may need help with, or for any other pest control solution, advice or concerns you may encounter. Give us a ring on 087 056 1021, drop us an email on or drop us a comment on our blog or social media platforms

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