Electronic Integrated Pest Management File

Flick can provide clients with an online digital Pest Control File, and is designed by the Development team at Quality Care. The system is very simple to use, and is useful and offered to clients that have health and food safety audits, namely industries conforming to HACCP Principles.

It is tailor-made for monthly pest control applications, and is suitable for clients:

  • In the Food Manufacturing Industry
  • The Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Catering Industry
  • Restaurant Industry with strict audit Protocols
  • Logistics and Warehousing Industry

Quality Care is a Web-Based System

Flick Pest Control_Electronic Integrated Pest Management File


Data is stored offsite and backed up daily

A unique password is generated for the client

Info on service reports cant be changed or removed

Up to date documentation

MSDS sheets and Labels are readily available

No more lost or removed MSDS sheets and Labels

No more missing Certificates and Log Sheets

E-IPM is your property, and can be saved off line or printed

Quality Care can be used in the

Pest Control & Hygiene Industries

The quality care system generates a unique barcode for each of its units
It allows the client access to view Service reports, trend reports, Areas serviced, Unit types, maps etc.

Flick Pest Control_Electronic Integrated Pest Management_How it Works1
Flick Pest Control_Electronic Integrated Pest Management_How it Works2





E-IPM can be viewed 24/7 from anywhere

Service details are available at all times

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