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With the change of seasons, Black ants will be out in their numbers creating havoc for many homeowners and businesses. Are you tired of having to sweep up soil deposits all the time? Or dropping something and ants are all over it in a flash? Or worse of all having to rinse your kettle every day?

Termites will soon be active and taking flight with the first rains.
Be on the lookout for any loose soil deposits internally or externally caused by ants, but don’t delay if you notice mud like soil deposits in or near your home with mushrooms sprouting out, especially if they against your home or building perimeter or even worse emerging through your skirting boards or cupboards- these are most likely subterranean termites that will destroy timbers within your home such as skirting boards or wooden door frames.

Don’t delay- call the experts in for an obligation free quote.

Remember “One Flick and they’re Gone”