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All insecticides and rodenticides applied are registered with the Department of Agriculture under Act 36 of 1947.

Whilst toxicity for mammals is relatively low and there is minimum hazard involved with our methods of applications, it would be preferable that you, as the Client and occupier of the premises, to adhere to the following precautions:


Fogging and Misting Treatments

  • All personnel and pets to vacate rooms to be treated
  • Close all doors or openings to adjacent rooms not being treated
  • Close all windows in room/s being treated
  • Preferably remove (or properly cover and seal) all open foodstuffs, drinks, cutlery or utensils etc.

Surface Wet Spray Treatments

  • All personnel with upper respiratory problems, elderly people, young children, pregnant ladies and domestic pets should as a precautionary measure vacate the area of treatment for approximately 2-3 hours for the service within that area to proceed.
  • Remove goods from cupboards, drawers etc as these areas too need to be treated for optimum effect of the treatment
  • Open windows in room/s that are being treated to aid in effective ventilation.

Rodent Control

  • Remove all empty cartons, waste materials, debris etc away from walls in order to facilitate easy accessibility to all walled areas
  • Remove any old or previously installed and/or placed bait stations
  • When applicable where tamper proof rodent bait stations are installed, we will ensure they are installed and mounted in place. Please ensure these stations are not tampered with or blocked off in order for our technician to service them effectively.



Ensure easy access for operator to all areas to be treated. Prevent reaccess to areas under treatment by any persons at risk as prescribed above in point 1.2 or pets for approximately 2-3 hours.

Gel applications

When a cockroach gel application is undertaken, the technician will place gel in discrete areas within cupboards, drawers, electrical appliances or DB boards. Please do not wash this or clean this up as the treatment will thus be unsuccessful.



  • All working surfaces exposed during spray application treatment to be washed thoroughly before use
  • Any mattresses / bedding / cushions etc treated for bedbugs or lice should be thoroughly aired before re-use