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ULV Antimicrobial Disinfectant Service

Residential & Commercial

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COVID-19 | Workplace readiness solutions

Let Flick help you take the fight to the COVID-19 Coronavirus with our ULV microbial disinfectant treatment to protect your staff, the wellbeing of your customers and yourself.

With the National COVID 19 level 1 lockdown easing of restrictions announced by the President of South Africa effective from midnight 20 September 2020, let Flick assist you with your workplace readiness solutions to all industries that resume work functionality under level 1 of the easing of the lockdown restrictions.

We can assist you with our ULV microbial disinfection services and also offer our foot pedal operated hand sanitizers to help you keep your staff and customers safe, not to mention our trusted and guaranteed pest control services.

ULV Antimicrobial Disinfectant Service

How does it work?

We have a solution to assist in keeping your home or business clean and safe through using our ULV fogging application with a biocide surface disinfectant to all hard surfaces of your premises, which is called a Microbial fogging treatment.

The product applied is registered, and is safe to touch on hands and is used to disinfect all hard surfaces in various industries including food-grade production, preparation or storage facilities, offices, buildings, restaurants, schools, apartment blocks, domestic homes etc.

General guidelines prior to and during ULV Treatment:

  • Air-conditioning units should be switched off
  • Food items must be kept in sealed containers
  • Electrical items e.g. televisions, computers, printers, telephones etc. must be fully covered with a plastic sheet
  • All drawers in the cabinets should be preferably opened up

Who should consider ULV Antimicrobial Disinfectant Services?

Offices & Shops | Restaurants & Bars | Hotels & B&B’s | Schools & Crèches | Medical Centres | Residential Homes | Cars, Buses & Taxis

Disinfectant Offers from Flick

ULV Antimicrobial Disinfectant Service

Flick does offer microbial ULV disinfectant treatments for all sectors including commercial, industrial, retail, transportation & logistics, hospitality, mining, residential to name a few.

Foot-operated sanitation stations

Flick can now also provide foot pedal operated hand sanitizer stations for your business or home. These are simple no-touch hand sanitisers that use 500 ml spray hand sanitizers spray bottles.

Sanitation Booths

Flick is also able to provide clients within Gauteng at this stage with sanitization booths to industries such as hospitals, supermarkets, retail shopping centres, buildings and factories etc.


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