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How Are Ant Colonies Organised?

How are Ant colonies organised?

Ants are everywhere and live in large groups. Have you thought about the key behind their survival? Just like human beings, ants are social creatures, they live and work in highly organised societies which are called colonies. Most ant colonies are…

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How do Ants communicate and find food?

Ant behaviour is a very fascinating type of behaviour, from the way they communicate to the way they go in search of a place to nest and find food. We have all watched ants crawl in what seemed to be…

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5 Reasons why you should have a long-term service agreement with Flick Pest

There are two ways of approaching pest control, namely a proactive approach or a reactive approach, and in most cases, people opt for the latter approach. With the ever-increasing unseen risks associated with pathogens and bacteria pests can spread, they…

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