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Controlling Cockroaches in a commercial or retail kitchen environment is rather more challenging than an average residential kitchen due to various factors. Flick makes use of cockroach gel baits due to safety and its residual action. For certain situations it may not be the best method in a commercial kitchen that is heavily infested due to baits having a slow effect. The challenge sometimes is the gel has to compete with vast amounts of food and poor hygiene practises in certain establishments and thus may not seem to perform quickly enough. One may further encounter kitchens that contain vast amounts of heat and moisture and this may also restrict our ability to apply a residual spray insecticide.

So the question is- what are the best methods of applications for these conditions in these types of kitchens?

Extremely High cockroach infestation that requires urgent treatment

Flick makes use of an aerosol flushing agent to flush cockroaches out of their harbourage points, and then use a vacuum to remove the bulk of the cockroaches off site. We would also need to then apply a quick knock-down non residual liquid insecticide application, followed by a residual application to kill off and control any other nymph stage and adult cockroaches that may only appear sometime after the service was administered.

We would also apply gel bait in electrical points, motor housing of fridges/freezers and appliances for back-up control.

Repeat follow up treatments would be scheduled accordingly to keep the infestation in check, and from there the client would require to enter into a maintenance agreement for effective control.

All products applied would be registered to be applied in a food handling facility.

Live cockroaches breeding in harbourage points

We again would first make use of an aerosol flushing agent to flush the cockroaches out of the various harbourage points, along with making use of short term residual Pyrethrin insecticides, and if necessary we will make use of the vacuum system to remove the infestation off site.

Cracks and crevices will be treated on a regular basis by applying a residual pyrethrin based insecticide. We also make use of a registered dusting agent that is only applied safely in certain harbourage points or around motor housing to repel cockroaches away from those breeding areas.

Cockroach infestation in moist, damp or hot areas

In a kitchen environment, notably by the dishwashing areas, cracks around drain pipes, gaps near or surrounding stoves and ovens would be treated by using an aerosol flushing agent. Other cracks and joints away from electrical points would be treated with a Pyrethrin insecticide. A gel bait wouldn’t be advisable to be applied in any damp, moist or areas exposed to extreme heat such as ovens due to the products viscosity (the gel would not last and be effective around those areas).

Cockroach infestation in Greasy areas

In an environment in a kitchen containing a lot of fat or grease build up, it’s always advisable that the client has these areas cleaned and maintained to prevent cockroaches from using this environment as a feeding and breeding ground. We would make use of a residual or wettable powder application to ensure a longer residual action is maintained. Our technician will also apply gel bait to any area he may not be able to spray, but we do not apply any spray application over an area we have applied a gel bait as this will have a negative effect on the gel agent.

Our registered pest control technician would make recommendations to the client about proofing, housekeeping or correct stacking  requirements that may be needed within the establishment which can extend to  sealing gaps between pipes, reporting gaps behind tiles that need sealing or repairing broken tiles, along with effective stacking practises to ensure goods are stacked effectively and any areas found that need better hygiene practises will also be pointed out to the client and documented by our technicians under his recommendations on the service report that is issued after each service. This will further assist in preventing cockroaches from harbouring and breeding in these areas as effective housekeeping practises and good hygiene standards play a vital role in combating cockroaches in all the above scenarios.

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Author: Stuart Steele