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With South Africa experiencing numerous rate cuts in 2020 to record lows due to the economic collapse we find our economy in, has on the flip side allowed home buyers to rather buy and invest in property rather than renting, as with the low-interest rate of 7% currently being seen outweighs the cost of rent over a mortgage making our property market a buyers’ market.

With this in mind, and before going out to purchase property, from a pest control point of view, there are a number of pests to be on the lookout for, as they may cost you more financially in the future due to the structural damage they can cause to your investment.

Here are a few pests to be on the lookout for, with most being wood damaging insects:

Borer beetle– cause of major damage to wooden panelling, skirting’s, wooden door frames, roof trusses

Carpenter ants– wood destroying ants that can cause countless damage to wooden fixtures

Subterranean termites– also wood-destroying insects that can cause countless damage to wooden fixtures and one’s roof

Drywood termites– These termites can cause just as much damage to wooden fixtures and your ceiling as subterranean termites

Rats/ mice– The vermin will damage the wiring in your house and ceiling

Read more detail on these pests in this link on how pests can damage your home- How pests can damage your home Better • Bug Blog • Flick Pest

What to do?

Before buying a property, request that the agent arrange that a reputable pest control company (such as Flick) provide you with a pest control clearance certificate. This is undertaken by our registered technicians who will inspect a property for any signs of wood-destroying insects, and Flick will provide you with a certificate. This service offering can be quoted on application.

If something is found, it will be reported to the seller/ estate agent, and a quotation for the remedial service will be provided.

In KZN and The Cape, it is compulsory to provide a pest control clearance certificate when selling one’s home, due to the extremely high prevalence of wood borer beetle that destroys a lot of roof beams. In Gauteng, borers are not that common, and it is not compulsory to sell a house with such a certificate being required.

We at Flick would highly recommend this is followed to avoid costly repairs and corrective actions for such wood-destroying insects.

Remember “One Flick and They’re Gone”

Flick Pest Control is here to provide a solution for any pest query you may need help with, or for any other pest control solution, advice or concerns you may encounter. Give us a ring on 087 056 1021, drop us an email on or drop us a comment on our blog or social media platforms.

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