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It’s normally best to hire the services of a pest control professional rather than attempting to undertake the service yourself. From our experience, a person can end up paying double in the end when trying this, as products applied by our trained and registered technicians are registered to be applied by such licensed operators.

Why waste your time doing this, when you can hire a professional pest control service provider. Here are some reasons in hiring a professional pest control professional such as FLICK:

1. The Company

How long has the company been in existence in terms of providing you a guaranteed service? Has the company you choose got insurance/ public liability for unforeseen circumstances. Flick has been in existence in South Africa for over 50 years and has R20 million public liability insurance.

2. Experience & Know-How

With over 50 years in South Africa, Flick has the experience and knowledge to assist you. From the receptionist to our service technicians, all customer queries and questions will be able to be handled by the correct person or Manager, and you as a client would be directed to the correct person, of which Flick has this process in place. If there are any queries or questions posed to either one of our sales representatives or even our registered service technicians that they are uncertain of, this would be escalated to a Senior Manager in our Company and feedback will be provided to you on your query, so you not left in the lurch.

3. References

When choosing a company, it’s a good idea to check with references to know you choosing the correct company. Flick can provide you with references of existing clients if you wish to call or email the clients.

4. Service

Any reputable pest control company such as Flick have trained and friendly technicians that would first report to the correct person, and ask if they can commence with the service/ inspection, and also find out from you if there were any reported problems before they start. They would also provide you with feedback and a service report. Our Sales consultants would initially make contact with you and set up and appointment to provide you with a quotation, as well as providing you with findings and recommendations when a proposal/ quotation is provided. This is to ensure the correct application & treatment plan is quoted on and the correct service is undertaken.

5. Service Guarantee

Ensure that the pest control company you choose provides you with a guarantee on the pest control service that is rendered. All of Flick’s service offerings come with a service guarantee, which is that if there is re-infestation of the pest treated within the stated guarantee period that Flick will return to site to remedy the infested areas treated at no additional charge in accordance to the quotation and within the written guarantee period provided.

6. Pricing

Pricing these days does play a major part of any decision to appoint a service provider, however, keep in mind that price is not always the best deal at the end of the day. If a company provides a service and makes a commitment to their guarantee, and the problem still exists with no visible improvement in the infestation, you haven’t saved money, as you may need to get in a more qualified company to rectify the situation, you will then be paying more than double in the end. Flick’s service philosophy is that “we believe in doing the service right the first time”

7. Maintenance Contract

When undertaking pest control, it is a process of controlling pests, hence why its termed as “pest control”. It’s not always possible to eradicate an infestation with a single treatment. Flick’s Sales consultants will provide our recommendations for a site-specific treatment in terms of the recommended frequency, which is directly based on the breeding cycle of the pest at hand, as well as possible housekeeping, stacking, proofing and any possible site finding that may contribute towards the frequency recommendations. We believe in providing honest recommendations to ensure we keep our clients satisfied and ensure they are not provided with a service expectation that can’t be delivered. Be very cautious of Companies that may promise infrequent service cycles with really low pricing, but you as a consumer will sit with a re-infestation before the next service is done, that’s if they return to honour the guarantee. Under delivering and poor service is certainly not something that Flick will provide you.

8. Service Technician & Safety

Ensure that you ask your pest control company if their pest control technician is registered with the Department of Agriculture. Each registered technician will have a registration number, and you are more than entitled to request a copy of the registration certificate even before the team comes to the site. All of Flicks Service technicians are registered and carry copies of their certificates with them at all times. Our technicians further wear all applicable PPE apparel including a face mask when an application is undertaken. All aspects of safety to you, your staff and family will be considered before our technician undertakes a service. This is further also initially discussed with you by our sales consultants who will initially advise you on aspects of safety aspects relating to the specific service at hand.

9. Pesticides & Rodenticides 

Flick makes use of registered insecticides and rodenticides that are registered for application by our trained and registered technicians. Make sure that when you appoint a pest control company, that the safest option is offered. Flick uses pyrethroid based insecticides, and gel baits and we also prefer to provide clients with physical recommendations to assist with controlling or preventing long term infestation, such as effective housekeeping, proofing and stacking practices that the client would need to attend to and maintain. These practises go a long way in excluding pests and works hand in hand with routine pest control and pest prevention. All products Flick applies have labels and material safety data sheets as provided by the manufacturer, which can be provided to the client.

10. Documentation / Service Reports

On completion of the service, ensure you receive a full-service report from the service provider/ technician. This report must outline the address of the property treated, what pest control service was performed, areas treated, pesticide/ rodenticide applied, technicians findings, housekeeping, proofing, stacking finding and recommendations (if applicable). The technician’s name, registration number, along with your signature and the technician’s signature should appear on the report. This, in summary, is what you would receive from a Flick service technician after each service is performed, which will be reflected on a service report, along with a tax invoice which will be presented to you.

11. Service Provider Appearance

It’s always good to see a contractor arrive in a neat looking vehicle and the technician be presentable and dressed in the applicable uniform, which gives a person that first “good impression” of the company they have hired. At Flick, we strive that all technicians are neatly dressed in branded clothing, and or overalls, with the service vehicle, also being branded so you can safely identify us for safety reasons, and of course branding purposes.

Have the confidence in knowing that you can rely on Flick to cater for all your pest control requirements, as we firmly stand that all the above points are adhered to.

Remember “One Flick and They’re Gone”

Flick Pest Control is here to provide a solution for any pest query you may need help with, or for any other pest control solution, advice or concerns you may encounter. Give us a ring on 087 056 1021, drop us an email on or drop us a comment on our blog or social media platforms.

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