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Summer is an exciting time of the year filled with outdoor activities and warm balmy evenings. It is also the season of mosquitos and the scratchy itches and unwelcome late night pillow fights with these pests. There are two factors which result in an influx of mosquitoes: rain and warmer temperatures. So, what can you possibly do to repel mosquitos? Let’s dive into ways in which you can manage the disturbance that mosquitoes cause.

Steps you can take to start managing mosquitoes

1. Get rid of standing water

Stagnant water is the ultimate breeding ground for mosquitos. After it has rained, check old tires and plastic sheeting for standing water. Ensure that this water is removed as it can serve as mosquito breeding grounds.

2. Declutter your yard

You need to ensure that your yard is free of anything that could potentially collect water. Such things include tools, toys and plastic that could cause water to pool.

3. Limit mosquito access

Limiting mosquito access into your home can help to prevent problems with them later in the day. If you live in an area that really struggles to manage mosquitos or has a high probability for malaria infestations it might be worth considering having mosquito nets installed on your windows or getting mosquito nets to cover beds.

4. Use a fan

Since mosquitos are weak flyers, the speed of a fan can help deter them. It is advisable to use a fan during bedtime in order to reduce your chances of being bitten by mosquitos.

5. Personal hygiene

Mosquitoes use their sense of smell to track humans down at night. In particular they are attracted to body odour, skin secretions and lactic acid build up on the skin. A shower before bed can really go a long way to giving you peaceful sleep.

6. Natural repellents

Various essential oils have been known to repel mosquitoes. These include Oil of lemon eucalyptus, tea tree oil and citronella oil. You can try to use these in burners or as an additive to humidifiers.

We hope our list will help you avoid the mozzies this summer. If you have another way of managing let us know in the comments.

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