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Termites are interesting critters. There are millions of facts that could have made our list but here is our list of 11 facts that you most likely didn’t know about termites.

Top 11 termite facts you (probably) didn’t know

  1. Termites are known to be hygienic insects.
  2. In order to prevent diseases, termites spend a lot of time grooming one another.
  3. Termite queens are the sorting hat of termite colonies and they determine what a young termite will grow into by feeding the young her pheromone-laden feces which upon consumption determines the role which the termite will play in the colony.
  4. There are over 2,700 termite species in the world.
  5. Termite queens are known to have a longer lifespan compared to other insects in the world. Some termite queens can potentially live between 15-25 years reproducing every year and establishing several colonies.
  6. Only worker termites are in charge of using mud, soil, digested wood, faces, and saliva to build and maintain Termite mounds.
  7. When in contact with danger, soldier termites kick the wall of the colony which produces vibrations to alert the other termites of potential harm.
  8. Young termites eat feces from other termites in order to help equip their intestines with the required number of bacteria and protozoa to be able to ingest wood.
  9. Ants are termites’ predators, it is known that the two cannot coexist so if you have a colony of ants in your house, it’s highly unlikely that you will have termites.
  10. Termites are high in nutritional value and are eaten in most parts of Africa. In Singapore, they are either dipped in alcohol or eaten live
  11. Unlike humans and most animals, Termites do not sleep.

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