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Have been housing a colony of ants without knowing why they are in your house? Your home deserves to be pest free and there may be a few things that you can do to prevent ants invading your space.

What are the four things you could do to prevent an ant infestation?

1. Manage any access to food

  • Ants are known to search for food or provisions during warmer months in preparation of winter. Accessible food is the most common reason why ants are in your house. To avoid this invasion, you need to clean up food spills immediately and ensure that any stored food or groceries are sealed in airtight containers.
  • Ensure that your rubbish bins are well managed and cleaned and refuse is removed frequently.
  • After cooking, be sure to clean the countertops with warm soapy water because water alone will not necessarily clean all food residue. Make sure that crumbs are wiped up.
  • Check around pet food bowls frequently to spot ant invasions. If it is at all possible feed pets at set times and remove the bowls from the floor.

2. Manage any access to water

  • Any forms of still standing water can attract ants. Remove the risk by removing the source of the still standing water.
  • Check underneath cupboards and basins for leaky pipes and be sure to make any necessary repairs to prevent not only water wastage but also a potential ant invasion.
  • Check your pet’s water bowl and try to invest in a pest fountain that keeps the water moving.

3. Block access points

  • Usually when you spot a trail of ants along a wall it’s easy to spot the origin point of where they are getting in, if you can seal up this entry point with caulk or silicone.
  • Ants are tiny so do your best to seal up any cracks and crevices especially in your kitchen and bathrooms.
  • After you have eliminated food spills from your house, you need to ensure that you close the holes in wall.

4. Manage plants & trees next to the house

  • Ants are effective tree climbers and if your shrubbery, trees or plants are connected to or touch the building it is possible for ants to use them as a ladder into your house.
  • If possible keep a clear pathway around your home to prevent ants using threes and plans as a method to get in.

Remember “One Flick and They’re Gone”

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