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Moving into a new home can be an exciting journey to begin as it reflects how far you have come and it’s a milestone which deserves to be celebrated. The last thing you want in this stage of life is dealing with pests. We have however identified a few reasons why it might be a good idea to get a pest control professional to treat any potential problems before you move into your new property.

Before you move into your new property

  1. Let a professional do a thorough pest inspection before you move in.
  2. Trim trees or shrubs which might act as a pathway for pests into your home.
  3. Cover or fill any holes, cracks or crevices in walls and the roof of your new home.

Reasons to sort out pest problems prior to moving in

1. Protect your health

Ensuring that your house is pest free will not only protect your house but yourself too. Generally, pests are quite dangerous to your health and can cause different types of diseases. A pest free house ensures you that your health is not in the line as far as pests are concerned.

2. Ease of preventing pest problems

Once you’ve moved in and all of your belongings are in their places it can sometimes be a little harder to reach to spots that are behind or underneath your furniture and belongings for treatment. So applying preventative treatments prior to moving in might help you avoid pest problems for the foreseeable future.

3. Protect the value of your new home

Pests can do a lot of structural damage to your house, rats and termites are the worst in this case. Termites can damage the foundation of your house since they can survive under the house. Rats however feed on the wood and other forms of cellulose. So solving the problem will help to secure the value of your property in the long run.

4. Pest infestations can be tricky to identify

Pest infestations can be quite difficult to distinguish and that might result in using products for the wrong pests if you treat them yourself. Flick Pest Control can distinguish the types of pest infestations which are happening and can recommend a treatment plan according to the severity of the problem.

5. Pest problems may aid as a factor during price negations

When a property is infested with pests it is possible to negotiate the price a little harder. If you are uncertain about the pest situation perhaps let us assist in doing a pest inspection before making an offer. Once the deal is done don’t forget to treat the pest problems or the original problem may cost you more than the discount your bargained on in the original negotiation.

Remember “One Flick and They’re Gone”

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