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Termite mound In the wild with Zebras
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Well versed in the art of destruction, termites can have a devastating effect on your most precious investment; your home or business. By far the best method of termite control is that of prevention; before you even lay the foundations of your new abode, it is essential to thoroughly inspect and treat the ground. Treating the soil and sealing off entry points along with keeping any loose logs or lumber away from your home or building are amongst the wisest ways to prevent sleepless nights.


Why Pre-treat Your Construction Site Against Termites?

While it may not be common practice in South Africa to pre-treat the ground and building site against termites, it most certainly should be. There are roughly 3000 known species of termites and 1000 of those can be found in Africa alone and Kruger National Park alone is said to be home to over 1 million termite mounds.

Termites aren’t in the habit of sticking to the confines of particular suburbs or regions, especially in a temperate climate such as ours, this leaves our homes and businesses at risk of termite infestation when we are least expecting it.


How To Prepare A Termite Free Construction Site

  1. Ensure that there is as little wood on the construction site as possible, remove any tree stumps and wooden land fill. Without exposed and easily accessible food, termites are far less likely to begin or even maintain a colony.
  2. Treat the soil with pesticides before laying any concrete foundations. By ensuring the compacted soil area and trenches (where foundations are to be laid) are treated with a registered termiticide, which creates a barrier between the soil and the foundations.
  3. Ensure foundations are comprised of thick reinforced concrete which is free of cracks which can become entry points for termites. Wherever possible use termite-resistant materials and ensure than any exposed wood is treated with pesticides.


Termites Don’t Eat Bricks or Cement

In South Africa our houses are not constructed entirely of wood, however the supports, ceiling, built-in cupboards, wooden flooring, skirting boards and roof supports are comprised of wood, leaving it vulnerable to the wiles of the termite underworld. More importantly still is the fact that termites not only devour wood, but anything comprising of a high cellulose content such as paper, cardboard boxes, fabric and ceiling boards. Nothing is sacred to these fastidious fiends, not your canvas artworks, nor your Victorian era armoire.

Key to bear in mind when it comes to termites is that the best protection against them comes in the form of a good pesticide and a certified and reliable pest control technician; such as Flick Pest Control. These days, modern and registered termiticides are guaranteed to protect your homes foundations for 5 years. If you have any unanswered questions regarding termites, feel free to contact us.